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This is home page for Wendy - a web engine/framework written in Perl. It works with mod_perl under Apache2. Wendy uses PostgreSQL for DB storage.

Why Wendy:

  • Fast. Wendy works in mod_perl, which is very close to Apache web server. Wendy supports data caching, from pages to SQL requests results and even ordinary scalars.

  • Flexible. Wendy supports custom Perl handlers and modules, there is no limits on their output and functionality (so I believe :) .

  • Open. Wendy is built on top of open-source software.

  • Featured. It supports DB clustering (Round-robin), Memcached clustering, requests cache. Template toolkit templates. It also supports multiple site languages out-of-box.

Interested in development? Then get involved.

However, Wendy is young and experimental software yet. Use at your own risk.

eugene kuzin, 2007-2011