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Sorry, but this page is pretty outdated as now. I am moving a project to Github, here is the link to Wendy repository on Github.

Older version: 0.9.20081202

  • rawmode in handlers allows complete control over output
  • HTTP Ranges are supported
  • Several headers with same name can be set (see Output object)
  • _this argument for LOAD keyword

Older version: 0.9.20080902

  • Important! package statement in handler now must contain host specification.

    This breaks compatibility with older handlers and modules.

  • - (minus) now allowed in macros name.
  • data_process() replaces extra newlines with one \x0a
  • new CHECK constraint in wendyinit.sql - macros name now must match /^[A-Z_0-9-]+$/ regexp
  • new SYSTEM:envq address to LOAD macros from

Older version: 0.9.20080814

  • new data_process() API call. Most of the code moved here, taken from template_process(), which now is much lighter.
  • cycle protection in core call apply_replaces() (maximum iterations limit)

Older version: 0.9.20080804

  • meta.pl handler for the whole host (more details)
  • Digits now allowed in macros name

Older version: 0.9.20080411


Older version: 0.9.20080305

  • Wendy::Db changes: wtransaction( LIST ) method
  • Wendy::Db changes: wseqnext( SCALAR ) alias

Older version: 0.9.20080303

  • Small fix in HEADER directive processing in Wendy::Templates

Older version: 0.9.20080220

  • Improved static content handling: Content-Length & Last-Modified headers now sent also.
  • 404 handling: auto-redirect to /404/ location

Older version: 0.9.20080117

+ SYSTEM:lng address Download

Older version: 0.9.20080106

Minor API changes, compatibilty issues. Download

Older version: 0.9.20071009

The beginning. :) Download

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